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Nuturing and educating our K-12 population is vital to the success of the university. Each and every student we interact with today could be a future grad student tomorrow. Because of that, the nurturing and education of our community’s K-12 population is essential to our mission.

Current K-12 programs include:

  • Frontiers in Science and Medicine: This day of hands-on science for seventh-grade students is run in partnership with Adventist HealthCare, the Universities at Shady Grove, the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences' NIH Chemical Genomics Center and more than 15 other organizations and local biotechnology companies. The Montgomery County Public School system selects schools to participate each year.
  • Engineering Innovation: During this four-week summer program for high school students, participants learn engineering basics such as conducting experiments, solving design challenges, interpreting data, applying technology, and more. Students with a passing grade earn three transferable Johns Hopkins University credits. Find out more about the program.
  • Annual Juried Art Show: Launched in 2007, this annual juried exhibition of mixed media artwork showcases more than 40 high school student artists each year. Students are asked to create their work within a new theme each year. In 2011, the campus added a photography show to this exhibit. The photography segment grew so much that it is now is its own separate show. Email us for more information about how to participate or talk to your high school art teacher.
  • Girl Scout/ Boy Scout troop visits to the Center for Biotechnology Education wet lab. Field trips include conversations about careers and hands-on science fun in our teaching wet lab. Email us to arrange a visit.

In addition, campus staff participate in many events throughout Montgomery County.

Looking for JHU to participate in an event at your school? Contact us.