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Osher Fall 2018 Kick Off Event

1-3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14, 2018

Osher at JHU members are invited to the Fall 2018 kick off event:

In 2008, Amy Davis began her search for Baltimore's old theaters, many forlon ghosts, unrecognizable, but still standing on faded streets in every corner of the city. Decade by decade, Flickering Treasures speaks through the voices of filmgoers, move exhibitors and theater employees. The discovery of rare black and white photographs of opulent downtown theaters and modest neighborhood houses inspired the book's evocative color photography. The images document the streets of Baltimore today, while suggesting the layers of history that permeate each building and blck. Award-winning photojournalist Amy Davis has been with the Baltimore Sun since 1987. Popcorn, movie theater snacks and drinks will be provided.

Register by Aug. 31.